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Barrington Packaging offers affordable, high-quality solutions for all of your packaging equipment needs. We offer flow wrappers, vertical baggers, stick baggers, cup and tray sealers, pouch fillers, quality control equipment and more. All are backed with the industry's best warranty - parts and labor for two full years

Automated Rotary KCup weigh, fill, pack, lid and seal system.

Ask us about automated linear 4 lane KCup systems Barrington Packaging Systems Group automated linear 4 lane KCup systems

Smart, Safe and Savvy ways you can weigh, fill and seal your coffee into both KCups © and Nespresso © packs.



KCups © or Nespresso © This Barrington machine packs both Two major trends are driving growth in the single serve coffee market.

More People are Working from Home The Covid-19 pandemic has dramatically changed the way people work. More and more people are working from home. The cup of coffee that many workers purchased while commuting has given way to an increase in home coffee consumption. As a result, sales of single serve coffee brewers showed a significant increase during late 2020, and were the most requested small appliance gift for Christmas.

Patents have Expired for K-Cups and Nespresso Capsules. Expiring patents for the two major single serve coffee systems Keurig and Nespresso opens the door for new competition in the market.
This competition is bringing a wider variety of products to consumers

Barrington Offers You a Machine
That Can Pack K Cups and Nespresso Capsules To help you capitalize on the growth of single serve coffee, we now offer a machine with the versatility to produce both K Cups and Nespresso Capsules.

The BPS HSP 1N is ideal for a company just beginning to produce its own cups or capsules or wanting a dedicated machine for producing flavors or surge capacity,

Our system features:
- Small Footprint
- Easy changeover from Nespresso to K Cup
- Optional flavor inserter
- Two year parts and labor warranty.

Call us today, and let Barrington help you capitalize on the growing single serve coffee market.


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We are focused on 3 goals.

       1. Provide our customers with guidance on what equipment and films are the best fit for their product and their customers.

       2. Help every customer increase profits by reducing labor costs using affordable packaging machine systems.

       3. Continue serving clients in a support role after the equipment system has been installed. 

The Barrington Advantage is our post-purchase program. Barrington Packaging Systems Group provides our customers with complete installation, comprehensive training, and the industry's best warranty - parts and labor for two full years.       

With the correct Barrington Packaging HFFS Horizontal Flow Wrapper system your products flow horizontally through the packaging machinery. Barrington Flow Wrappers can increase your profits and provide consistent, affordable wrapping of your single items.

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Rotary or In-Line K-Cup filling equipment for single serve infused coffee, tea, herbal drinks.

Barrington automated K-Cup machines can pack your infused coffee, tea and herbal beverages in the most popular single serve portion.