Barrington Packaging offers affordable, high-quality solutions for all of your packaging equipment needs. We offer flow wrappers, vertical baggers, stick baggers, cup and tray sealers, pouch fillers, quality control equipment and more. All are backed with the industry's best warranty - parts and labor for two full years

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Barrington Packaging Systems Group (BPSG) brings you new packaging machinery for the price of used equipment using the economy of global manufacturing and the security of US quality control and service.

  BPS Equipment Systems Videos

George talks about the BPS 150 VFFS Equipment System

BPS Coffee Pod Fill and Seal Packaging System from Barrington Packaging

BPS Coffee Pod Fill and Seal Packaging System from Barrington Packaging

BPS Mini Bagger 2 with 3 Head Linear Scale Z Bucket Infeed Conveyor from Barrington Packaging

HFFS Flow Wrapper Packaging Systems BPS 450S

BPS 450S Thermoforming HFFS Flow Wrapper Systems

BPS 4 Lane Linear Scale BPS 420 VFFS Bagger

BPS 620 VFFS with Rotary Pump for High Viscosity Liquid Sauce Packaging

BPS 620 VFFS with Rotary Pump for High Viscosity Liquid Sauce Packaging

Mini Bagger G Side Gusseted Bag Packaging Systems

BPS Mini Bagger Packaging Beef Jerky into Preformed Bags and Stand Up Pouches
Beef Jerky Bagging and packaging

4 Head Linear Scaling System for HFFS and VFFS packaging equipment

12 Head Horizontal Combination Scale IP65 Waterproof with Tray Filling System

Barrington Packaging Systems Group BPS 350 HFFS Flow Wrapper

Barrington Flour Tortilla packaging Systems Group BPS-700WXSE

BPS 14 Head Linear Combination Scale with Tray Filling System

BPS HS 240 Pill Counting and Bagging System

Barrington Packaging 100% Equipment Financing Program

BPS 420 Z Bucket Conveyor 14 Head Combination Scale Automated Packaging

BPS-150Y VFFS Form Fill and Seal Machine

Multi-Lane Tray Filling and Sealing System

BPS AX4-4 head Linear Scale System

Box Pouch Packaging Machine Mini Bagger Packaging 888-814-7999

BPS Mini Bagger Packaging Systems for your Pre-Formed Bags

Tom McClure Internet Podcast Interview
on Check Weighers Title: Every Ounce Counts

BPS K8 K-Cup Coffee Filling System Automated Packaging Equipment

BPS-800B Tuck and Fold HFFS Flow Wrapper

Packaging Equipment Systems Turn Tables, Case Tapers, Shrink Wrappers

George Burny on Packaging with a Gas Flushing Mini Bagger Packaging System

Barrington BPS 350S Flow Wrapper Packaging Systems Group

Metal Detection Systems from Barrington Packaging Systems Group

Packaging Pro Tom McClure at PackEXPO in Chicago

BPS Mini Bagger 2 w/ Auger Filler & Check Weigher w/ Real-time Weight Correction

BPS-60P Tablet Counting Packing Machine

Larry Pence w/ BPS Lidding Station Barrington Packaging Systems Group

Barrington-Packaging BPS Roll Sorting and Bagging System

Flow Wrapper Packaging Individually Wrapped Bagels 50 per min

BPS-K8 K-Cup Filling, Lidding machine

Flow Wrapper Packaging Individually Wrapped Bagels 50 per min

BPS 800 Band Sealer GAS Flush Packaging System

BPS 800 Band Sealer Packaging System

BPS-K8 K-Cup Filling, Lidding machine

BPS MB2 BP Mini Bagger Box Pouch Fill & Seal System

BPS HSP 4 High Speed K Cup from Barrington Packaging

Cookie Cracker Magazine-Feeder Barrington Packaging

Gas Flushing Mini Bagger Packaging System

BPS 688 K Vertical Fill & Seal System

Barrington Automatic Side Sealer Shrink Tunnel
seen here packaging long products

Barrington BPS Automatic 2-Sided Bag Labeler

Barrington BPS QRC Quick Release Conveyor

BPS Check Weigher Metal Detector Combo Unit

BPS 150 T VFFS Triangle Cut Automated Vertical-Fill System

BPS Checkweighing and Metal Detection and Reject Systems

BPS-150J VFFS Liquid Fill Stick Bagger

BPS Automated Labeler

BPS Mini Bagger #1

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BPSG USA is a single source for Packaging Machinery, Equipment Servicing, Packaging Materials and The Barrington Advantage Warranty

With a phone call to us, you can harness a powerful collection of resources to attractively and cost-effectively package your products and market them through the right retail channels to your consumer target.
We feature a full line of printed and unprinted specialty packaging materials: Laminated structures (PET,BOPP,OPP, LDPE,LLDPE,MET), paper/poly/ foil/poly, cello and barrier films, pre-zippered roll stock, pre-formed bags and pouches, cold seal films, clamshells, forming and non-forming web films, printed and plain shrink films, edible water soluble film. Flow Wrappers from Barrington Packaging Systems Group Call or email BPSG NOW! (888) 814-7999