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Roll Stock Films or Pre-Formed Bags

In today's highly competitive market, product packaging plays a pivotal role in establishing a strong brand identity, capturing customer attention, and creating a lasting impression.

Emergency Packaging Film 911 Services: Restock Your Films with Confidence

At Barrington Packaging Solutions, we understand the urgency of maintaining a consistent supply of packaging films for your business. Our emergency Packaging Film 911 services ensure you can restock various types of films quickly and efficiently.

Our team of experts is equipped to assist you with a wide range of packaging films, including Lidding Films, Laminations, Shrink Films, both Printed and Unprinted Packaging Films, Stand Up Zippered Pouches (plain or printed), Microwaveable Films, Dual Ovenable Films, and Environmentally Responsible Packaging (ERP) Films, Bags & Roll Films.

Whether you are facing a sudden surge in demand, an unexpected shortage in your inventory, or you simply want to stay ahead of your competitors, our emergency Packaging Film 911 services provide the prompt assistance you need. Our dedicated staff is committed to helping you restock your films, ensuring that your business operations run smoothly without any interruptions.

Don't let a shortage of packaging films affect your business's productivity and reputation. Contact Barrington Packaging Solutions at 888-814-7999 X1 for our emergency Packaging Film 911 services, and let us help you maintain an uninterrupted supply of high-quality packaging films for your products.

Barrington Packaging Systems Group, Inc. understands the importance of effective packaging solutions and is committed to helping businesses maximize profits by offering full lines of packaging films and preformed bags. Call now:  888-814-7999 X1 With our many films and preformed bags we enable businesses to enhance their products freshness, shelf life, and visual appeal, leading to increased sales and profitability.

Packaging Films & Automated Equipment

Maximize Profits with Premium Packaging Machines & Films: Barrington Packaging Solutions

Packaging films and preformed bags play a significant role in the product manufacturing process, serving various essential functions such as product protection, preservation, branding, tamper evidence, convenience, sustainability, and regulatory compliance. Barrington Packaging Solutions offers an extensive range of packaging films and preformed bags to cater to businesses' unique needs.

Types of Films:

Print Films:

Barrington Packaging Solutions uses digital printing processes to transfer crisp, high-definition imagery and text onto print films. The print layer is reverse printed on a 29-inch wide web, ensuring long-lasting image quality. Print films form an integral part of the finished packaging product.

Sealant Films:

Sealant films, also known as packaging laminates, preserve your packaging's image quality and protect it from fading while providing a protective layer. When applied to the print film layer, sealant film seals in the ink, preventing it from rubbing off and giving the pouch a stiffer structure. Our solventless lamination process reduces VOC emissions and creates a more eco-friendly package.

Barrier Films:

Essential for preserving product freshness and extending shelf life, barrier films prevent atmospheric gases, water vapor, and odor from entering or exiting the package. Our high-barrier packaging ensures product protection from punctures and tears during transit and on the shelf. All our barrier films are FDA compliant for direct food contact.

Sustainable Films:

Barrington Packaging Solutions prioritizes providing customers with sustainable solutions, offering a variety of sustainable film options, including recyclable, Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR), and compostable. We continuously engage in testing, research, and development efforts to bring new eco-friendly options to market.

a. Recyclable PE-PE Films:

Our 100% Polyethylene (PE) films are fully recyclable and customizable to include high-barrier structures for optimal product protection. Recyclable high-barrier films are oxygen and water vapor resistant and feature photo-quality graphics. Our recyclable films are Store Drop-off compliant.

b. Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) Films:

PCR films use recycled packaging material to create new packaging, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 15.25%*. This environmentally friendly packaging option uses 28% less virgin polymer, replaced by PCR resins.

c. Compostable Films:

Ideal for brands seeking fully compostable packaging, these films break down into non-toxic components at the end of their life cycle, nourishing surrounding plant life without causing harm.

Barrington Packaging Solutions offers a comprehensive range of packaging films and preformed bags to help businesses improve profitability and meet their unique needs. Call 888-814-7999 X1 to learn more about how Barrington Packaging can help elevate your brand and achieve your business goals.

Barrington Packaging Solutions: Tailored Packaging Solutions for Your Business

At Barrington Packaging Solutions, we understand that each business has distinct requirements when it comes to packaging. Our team of experts works closely with you to develop customized packaging solutions that cater to your specific branding needs and meet industry standards. By offering an extensive range of packaging films and preformed bags, we ensure that your products are presented professionally, protected effectively, and preserved optimally.

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